Zirconia Oxygen Analyser

Zirconia Oxygen Analysers Affordable O2 Monitoring

Continuous measurement of oxygen concentration in combustion or exhaust gases can improve fuel efficiency and minimise the environmental impact of industrial boilers and furnaces. Fuji, a long-standing manufacturer of gas analysers, supplies a low-cost and robust oxygen analyser for these applications.


The Fuji analyser can be set from 0 – 2% to 0 – 50% oxygen, and operates at a linearity of ±2% and a repeatability of better than 1% of full scale. Besides the attractive pricing, the unit has simple, one-touch calibration. A 2% oxygen standard is used in low point calibration, and normal atmospheric air can be used for span calibration. The zirconia sensor is detachable from the guide tube for easy maintenance and sensor replacement. An automatic blow-down function reduces maintenance requirements.

An analyser obtains the measurement of O₂ concentration by detecting the electromotive force generated by the difference in O₂ content between air and the sample gas.

Advantages of O2 oxygen analysers

  • Reduction of excess combustion air
  • Saves fuel by increasing combustion efficiency
  • Long life of the combustion plant
  • Quick and easy replacement of the zirconia element
  • High safety level

This probe is a very reliable and robust instrument, it can be used in the most difficult conditions (dust, smoke, etc.). Its construction with resistant materials such as 316L stainless steel guarantees an excellent resistance to humid and corrosive atmospheres. The zirconium oxide analyser is equipped with a backlit LCD display for easy reading of results even in the darkest of places. The transmitter is also equipped with an audible and visual alarm when pre-set limits are exceeded.

Fuji Gas Analysers

Fuji Gas Analysers features high accuracy, multiple functions and simple operations. They are easy to maintain and offer excellent long-term stability. For example, a typical NDIR gas analyser can measure CO/CO2, or SO2/NOx. With the additional of zirconia oxygen detector, up to three gases can be accurately monitored simultaneously.

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