Automatic Graphs and Reports for AMR and Water Management

The WaMSS Scada is a simple to use tool for logging, planning and implementation. It enables continual performance monitoring and trending and automatically compiles reports of key performance parameters.

Dashboard reports

Current week’s flow trend for multiple meters in a single report. It is ideal for management oversight. It enables you to quickly identify situations requiring management attention.

Reservoir Level Monitoring

The RESERVOIR LEVEL MONITORING report is a powerful tool to manage water distribution and prevent non-delivery.
The water level is measured by a pressure sensor connected to a pressure tapping on the bottom of the tank or submerged in the water.
The Scada trends the reservoir level, as well as water In-flow and Out-flow. So you get a complete picture of the operation.
The reservoirs on the Scada display are grouped by region, or by those which are in alarm.

Meter Reading Report

The Meter Reading Report shows the totalizer value at the start of the period and at the end of the period. The difference is the volume of water that passed through the meter. The Isoil mag meter records positive flow and negative flow separately and gives a nett total flow quantity.

Flow rate report

Flow rate is logged typically at 15-minute intervals. The flow trend gives much more insight into your operation than just flow totals for that period.

Line Pressure Report

The Line Pressure is logged typically at 15-minute intervals and give you a good understanding of the operation of your network.

Water Loss Report

Water Loss reports are compiled automatically by the WaMSS Scada.

You create your zones by selecting “incoming” and “outgoing” flow meters from a drop-down list. The reports are automatically compiled and e-mailed as per your schedule.

Water Balance – International Water Association model (IWA)

N&Z’s WaMSS system produces Water Balance Diagrams based on the IWA model. Actual metered flows are sent from our battery powered mag meters, or from existing mechanical meters with GPRS or satellite loggers. The flow measurements are automatically fed into the Water Balance model. There is a manual entry facility for your estimates of “un-billed, un-metered use”, “leakage on transmission and distribution mains” etc., as a percentage of the System Input or as absolute values. These diagrams are produced automatically for the time window that you choose and are automatically e-mailed.

water balance trend Water Balance Trend

The Water Balance above gives you a picture of the situation for the time interval that you select. It’s also important to visualize how the system performance changes over time. the WaMSS produces a water balance trend on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis where these critical performance indexes are automatically graphed:

Event Log

The Isoil meter produces an Event Log that records all relevant operations and incidents.

Other functions include

  • Loggers – approximate location on Google maps
  • Antenna power and battery level trends.
  • Data Relay – automatically sends updated data to other applications
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