Water Management System

Water management system overview

  1. Isoil battery powered magnetic flow meter with built-in GPRS data transmission. The Mag meters have major accuracy and reliability advantages over mechanical meters and are now widely used for water metering and management by the Department of Water and Sanitation, South African water boards, Municipalities and Mines.

  1. Mechanical flow meter. Isoil is an Italian specialist magnetic flow meter manufacturer focusing on the water and mining industries.

  2. Water quality monitor. The MetriNet system is ideal for measuring water quality at remote sites and transmitting the data to our WaMSS Scada or other software. The Scada provides a complete monitoring and alarming facility and automatic data transfer to other software systems.

  3. Smart loggers with built-in GPRS data, is an essential component of web-based Remote Monitoring or Water Demand Management solutions, transmission for:

  • Mechanical Flow Meters
  • Line Pressure
  • Reservoir Level
  • Analysers
  • Other Sensors
  1. Data transmission via GPRS on the GSM network.

  2. WaMSS Scada System. Web based. The on-board modem sends the information directly to the WaMSS Scada, which compiles reports and automatically emails them to your pc, tablet or cell.

  3. Data from field sensors are imported into an SQL database.

  4. Reports are automatically compiled and emailed according to user’s schedule.

  5. Management has key information at their fingertips and can compile adhoc reports.

  6. Users receive regular alarms and regular reports so they can take action quickly.

  7. Android and iPhone App. View Latest Flow Trends, Flow Totals, Water Quality and Reservoir Levels on your Android Cell. The “WaMSS ‒ DASH” Android App gives fast access to the latest trends and data for all your meters on the WaMSS Scada. You can also email standard WaMSS trends and data reports.

  8. Data Relay to other applications.