WaMSS Information System

The first essential step in implementing Water Demand Management or Water Conservation is reliable measurements.  Water measurement is N&Z’s core business so we can assist your implementation program.

We specialize in Water Demand Management: Our “plug and play” WaMSS software collects flow, level and water quality data, analyses it and automatically presents actionable information. This turnkey single-supplier solution includes Isoil battery powered mag flow meters, ATI remote battery powered water quality sensors and FLP4 battery powered smart loggers. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), water balance/water loss and reservoir level management are typical applications of the WaMSS solution. Our on-site services include verification of flow meters, flow surveys, commissioning, maintenance contracts and flow logging.

Our Water Management System is a complete, integrated remote measurement information system provided by a single supplier.

It is ideal for Water Demand Management, Water Conservation, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Automatic Water Quality Monitoring and Reservoir Level Management. It enables efficient service delivery, accurate billing and improved cash flow.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Mag meters with GPRS telemetry operating in South Africa

  • Accuracy ± 0.4%
  • Battery Life: typically 3 to 6 years

You always have reliable flow, billing and maintenance information at your fingertips.

  1. Isoil battery powered magnetic flow meter with built-in GPRS data transmission.
  2. Mechanical flow meter.
  3. Water quality monitor. MetriNet
  4. Smart loggers with built-in GPRS data, is an essential component of web-based Remote
  5. Data transmission via GPRS on the GSM network.
  6. WaMSS Scada System. Web based.
  7. Reports are automatically compiled and
  8. Emailed according to user’s schedule.
  9. Management has key information at their fingertips and can compile adhoc reports.
  10. Users receive regular alarms and regular reports so they can take action quickly.
  11. Android and iPhone App. The “WaMSS ‒ DASH” Android App gives fast access to the latest trends and data for all your meters on the WaMSS Scada. 
  12. Data Relay to other applications.
Dashboard Report for Management Oversight

Dashboard reports consist of the current weekʼs trends for multiple meters in a single report. It is ideal for management oversight as it enables you to quickly identify situations requiring management attention.

While WaMSS has been developed for water management it is fully flexible for use in industrial applications where you need to record and display trends of any measurement. The system provides a pre-formatted template for each meter. The template provides for one or two graphs. Up to 4 variables can be displayed on each graph. The graph titles and the variables can be assigned any names or units that you choose.”

Trend Report
Water Loss Report
  • You create your “zones” simply by selecting “incoming” and “outgoing” flow meters from a dropdown list.
  • On demand you can view this report at any time. You can select your time window
  • You can set up reports to be generated

N&Zʼs WaMSS system produces Water Balance Diagrams based on IWA guidelines. Actual metered flows are sent from our battery powered mag meters, or  from existing mechanical meters with GPRS or satellite loggers.

The flow measurements are automatically fed into the Water Balance diagrams. All you have to do is a manual entry your estimates of “un-billed, un-metered use”, “leakage on transmission and distribution mains” etc., as a percentage of the System Input or as absolute values.

These diagrams are produced automatically for any time window that you choose and
are automatically e-mailed.

Water balance
Automatic Water Balance – International Water Association (IWA) Model
Water Balanced Trend

The Water Balance above gives you a picture of the situation for the time interval that you select. Itʼs also important to visualize how the system performance changes over time. The WaMSS produces a water balance trend on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis where these critical performance indexes are automatically graphed

Reservoir level measurement and management is an essential part of reliable water delivery to users. The level sensor connects to the Isoil battery powered magnetic flow meter or WAMSlog Smart Logger. The level measurement is sent by GPRS to the WaMSS Scada.

The Scada trends the reservoir level, as well as water in-flow and Out-flow. The reservoirs on the Scada display are grouped by region, or by those which are in alarm, e.g. too foil (overflowing) or too empty (too low)

Reservoir Level Trends with in-flow and out-flow trends gives you the information you need to manage and optimise your water delivery to customers.

Reservoir Level Management
Antenna Power and Battery Level
Meter Reading Report - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or adhoc
View Reports on your cell phone

The “WaMSS ‒ DASH” Android App gives fast access to the latest trends and data for all your meters on the WaMSS Scada. You can also email standard WaMSS trends and data reports.

  • WaMSS ‒ DASH for top management; Instant access to your latest meter trends anywhere, anytime.
  • WaMSS ‒ DASH for technicians; When on site at the meter, perform a “data send”. Within minutes this latest data is available on WaMSS – DASH.

So you can check out the meter while on site without a laptop!

The Isoil battery powered mag flow meters have a built-in verification system to monitor meter health. Key internal variables are measured hourly and presented by the WaMSS in trend and tabular format. The trend allows quick verification that the meter is within tolerance. Any decline in meter health is normally detected early without going to site.

Built-in Verification of Isoil Battery Mag Flow Meters
MetriNet ‒ Automatic Water Quality Monitoring of Remote Sites

MetriNet measures water quality at remote sites and transmits the data to the WaMSS.
It also measures up to 8 parameters; each parameter is measured by its own node which can be calibrated in your laboratory and simply plug into the MetriNet on site.

The FLP4 WaMSS Log is a battery powered Smart Logger for flow, level, pressure, etc. It is an essential component of web based Remote Monitoring or Water Demand Management solutions

Smart Battery Powered Loggers