Hydrostatic Level

Reservoir level management and management is an essential part of reliable water delivery to users

“Having water in the reservoir is like having money in the bank” – But equally an over flowing reservoir is a waste of money!

The most reliable way to measure water level is a pressure sensor connected to a pressure tapping on the bottom of the tank, or submerged in the water.

The pressure sensor connects to the Isoil battery powered magnetic flow meter or WaMSS log Smart Logger. The level measurement is sent by GPRS to the WaMSS Scada, The Scada trends the reservoir level, as well as water in-flow and out-flow. These reservoir level trends enable you to manage your water distribution by understanding the operation and taking action timeously.

Water level is managed by the WaMMS software which has the following properties,

  • Able to be viewed on your smartphone.
  • Sensing window eliminates relay bounce errors.
  • Monitors battery level, with a minimum life span of 3 years, when alkaline batteries are used.
  • Data transmission interval can be selected between one minute to one week
  • Programming can be done remotely via sms or UDP/IP.
  • Automatically indicates GPRS co-ordinates.

Software is manufactured supported in South Africa.

The pressure sensor measures the equivalent hydrostatic pressure of the water above the sensor diaphragm, using this to calculate the total liquid depth. This function of a pressure sensor can be compared to “weighing the water”. Pressure sensors are ideal for ground and surface water level applications.