Smart Analysers – Remote or Local

The MetriNet system is ideal for measuring water quality at remote sites and transmitting the data to our WaMSS Scada or other software. MetriNet measures up to 8 parameters; each parameter is measured by its own node which can be calibrated in your laboratory and simply plug into the MetriNet on site.

The system has minimal service and water requirements. The Scada provides a complete monitoring and alarming facility and automatic data transfer to other software systems.

Smart Water Solutions

ATi’s pioneering, intelligent, Smart Water Quality Solutions create real-time awareness of water quality throughout the system, providing actionable knowledge, data insights and optimal control mechanisms to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality water.

Multi-parameter smart water quality monitoring

ATi’s MetriNet solutions are a pioneering, field-proven breakthrough in water quality monitoring. With 16 parameters to choose from, the modular nature allows unique monitoring solutions for individual site requirements across utilities, food & drink, industrial, healthcare, leisure and events.

Available as both street level and below ground installations, MetriNet’s smart sensor technology offers sustainable solutions with zero water wastage*, helping to meet environmental targets, drive down complaints and create real-time awareness of water quality throughout the network. By using actionable insights, MetriNet ensures the efficient delivery of high-quality water in an environmentally friendly way.

Deploying a neural network of MetriNet’s digital smart M-Node sensors at critical locations throughout the water distribution system offers customers continuous, real-time assurances and evidence-based proof that the water is safe. MetriNet will predict events, loss of disinfection, taste, odour, discoloration, bursts or leaks, providing a network that measures, thinks, predicts and takes actions. Timely warnings and analysis of network anomalies then allows operational staff to react before costly failures develop.

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