Meter Verification

Verification calibration on site

Meter Verification is becoming a standard QA requirement.  It confirms that key meter parameters of installed flow meters remain within specified tolerances over time.

Each meter has its own unique “bench mark” or “foot print” of parameters which are measured when the meter is manufactured or when it is installed.  Best operating practice is to re-measure these parameters at specified intervals.  N&Z offers a verification service, or the user can self-verify with the tools Isoil supplies.

Stand-alone verification using the ISOCAL

The Isocal is a stand-alone verificator which is itself certified periodically by the factory and therefore has traceability back to National Standards.  The Isocal connects between the Isoil mag flow sensor and the converter.  It executes a large number of tests automatically on the sensor and/or convertor and produces a printed, traceable certificate.  Isoil pioneered verification of battery powered mag meters.

Verification calibration on site

Call N&Z out for flow meter testing and pump testing. We use a portable Fuji Ultrasonic flow meter for clear liquids and a Greyline Doppler meter for effluent and slurries.

For a quick and inexpensive spot Flow Rate test we monitor the output of your existing flow meter or pump.

A more thorough test is performed over a prolonged period using Flow Totalisation.