Automatic Liquid Samplers

AUTOMATIC LIQUID SAMPLERS have become the standard way to monitor contamination in sewers, storm water, rivers and dams.

Advantages of automatic liquid sampling:

  • Samples are collected at specified intervals.
  • Eliminates multiple trips to monitoring site.
  • Eliminates hazardous manhole entry.
  • Better site history data.
  • Reliable and representative sampling.

We supply a variety of samplers for sequential or composite bottle
sampling. They are easily programmed and give reliable sampling. Configurations include portable samplers, wall-mounted samplers and also vacuum dosing systems.

MAXX P6 L Vacuum

Connection via USB and PC (maxxwareConnect® has to be installed on the PC)

  • Connection to the sampler via USB/MiniUSB cable
  • remote control of the sampler
  • visualization of downloaded data
  • download and saving of data as PDF, CSV or XLSX Format
  • print-out of data directly as PDF Format
  • backup of all preprogramed programs from the sampler
  • setting and saving of programs in offline mode. Upload in online mode
  • Read out, changing, saving or upload of all sampler programs (1-12 )
  • recovery of saved programs

T5 C – Compact device with integrated distributor insulating box with active cooling

Your advantages:

  • New, direct connection via USB of an external multiparameter portable meter pH/Cond/Temp (Option)
  • Clear operating structure and simple programming
  • LAN/GPRS/Web communication (Option)
  • Easy cleaning
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Transport trolley (Option)
  • Highly accurate sample volume
  • Minimal effort für calibration (Peristaltic pump)
  • Integrated pump replacement tube (Peristaltic pump) with vacuum system
  • Long battery run-time thanks to sleep mode
  • 2nd dosing tube for changing the sample volume (Vacuum) Active cooling system with compressor 12/115/230 V
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