Leak Detection

N&Z provides a complete service of flow logging, flow surveys, flow meters testing and pump testing. We operate throughout South Africa and measure most liquids from potable water and raw water through to effluent and slurries.

Flow Logging (Leak Detection)

Flow logging is a very powerful tool which reveals flow characters, giving valuable information on the probability of existing leaks, pipe bursts, system design, operations, and pumping strategy.

The flow is logged by “Smart” battery powered flow meters with built-in GPRS communications. The data is sent by GPRS to the WaMSS Scada which automatically emails flow trends to you. The trends alerts you to unusual operations. Alternatively we fit a “smart” logger to an existing meter or temporary portable meter.

One of the most powerful methods of detecting water leaks is examining and monitoring water flow rate trends.

Below is a flow rate trend from a zone meter covering a one week period.  The trend shows the typical day/night variations and a sudden jump in average flow rate on the 7th of March.  The trend also reveals that the leak was repaired on the 13th of April but because the average did not go back to the previous average we suspect that there was a further leak which was not detected.