IWA Model Trends

Water balance

N&Z’s WaMSS system produces Water Balance Diagrams based on IWA guidelines.

Actual metered flows are sent from our battery powered mag meters, or from existing mechanical meters with GPRS or satellite loggers.

The flow measurements are automatically fed into the Water Balance diagrams. All you have to do is a manual entry your estimates of “un-billed, un-metered use”, “leakage on transmission and distribution mains” etc., as a percentage of the System Input or as absolute values.

These diagrams are produced automatically for any time window that you choose and are automatically e-mailed.


The Water Balance above gives you a picture of the situation for the time interval that you select. It’s also important to visualize how the system performance changes over time. The WaMSS produces a water balance trend on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis where these critical performance indexes are automatically graphed.