Gas Sample Preparation

Gas Analyzers require a clean, dry sample to produce accurate and reliable results. Filters remove entrained particles, but removing moisture from a sample without affecting the analyses is not so simple.

PermaPure’s gas dryers are a superior alternative. They have no moving parts, require no maintenance, and continuously and highly selectively remove water from gas samples without affecting analyses, reaching final dew points as low as -45°C.

Powered by Nafion™ tubing, Perma Pure gas dryers selectively remove water from a gas sample. This selectivity for water vapor allows our dryers to remove more moisture than other gas drying solutions, while keeping analytes in the gas sample. 

Monotube Dryer Series (MD-Series) gas dryers contain a single Nafion™ tube. The MD-Series can dry a gas to humidity levels as low as –40 °C dew point and is ideal for applications with flow rates up to 4 lpm.