Pulsar’ s PDFM 6.1

Fast and Easy Flow measurements of Fluids from outside the pipes

The Pulsar PDFM is a portable non contact flow meter suitable for water, slurries and raw sewage.

The battery powered PDFM meters difficult fluids in full pipes from 13mm to 4.6m ID with typical accuracies of ±2% of reading and repeatability ±0.1%.

The battery powered portable unit is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries for up to 15 hours continuous operation. The PDFM’s sleep-logging mode will comfortably log for 30 days at 5 minute intervals on a single charge.

The Pulsar PDFM is suitable for liquids with suspended solids or bubbles with a minimum size of 100 microns and minimum concentration of 75 ppm.

Meters Air Bubbles Solids
How it Works

The PDFM 6.1 ultrasonic sensor injects high-frequency sound through the pipe wall and into the flowing liquid. Gas bubbles or solids suspended in the liquid reflect the ultrasonic signal to the sensor. When this sound is reflected from moving bubbles or particles it is returned to the sensor at a shifted frequency. This frequency shift is called the Doppler effect. The PDFM 6.1 continuously measures the change from its transmitted frequency to the received frequency to accurately measure flow.

Pulsar is represented in Southern Africa by N & Z Instrumentation and Control. Greyline PDFM is replaced by Pulsar PDFM

Pulsar Measurement
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