Conventional Water Quality Analysers

ATI has been a leading manufacturer of reliable water quality monitors for more than two decades. There is an extensive installed base of ATI monitors at Water Boards and municipalities in South Africa, supplied by N&Z and with strong support from the ATI factory.

ATI is also a pioneer in remote water quality monitoring using “Smart” sensors in a multi-parameter system which also had the benefit of minimum water consumption.

ATI monitors have a proven track record in South Africa for the “Big 5” of potable water measurement: pH, conductivity, turbidity, chlorine and ammonia. Measure Residual Chlorine without Reagents

Water reticulation systems can achieve optimal disinfection and minimal chlorine dosing by measuring residual chlorine on-line.

ATI’s sensor measures residual chlorine directly, usually without the need for pre-sample treatment. So you get dependable measurements without the need for expensive chemicals or time consuming maintenance.

Two sensors are available – one for free chlorine and the second for chloramine (combined chlorine) measurement in chlorine/ammonia dosing.

Reliable Turbidity Measurement

ATI’s Turbidity Monitor is designed to meet the needs of both municipal drinking water systems and industrial water treatment for reliable, low range turbidity measurement.

Using an infrared light source and a 90º scatter measurement, the system provides high sensitivity measurement with unmatched zero stability. Turbidity ranges of 0 – 20 or 0 – 200 NTU are available, while the display has a resolution down to 0.001 NTU.

Ammonia Measurement

ATI has made a breakthrough in on-line monitoring with their Model Q46 which is easier to operate and less expensive than standard systems but with a higher degree of reliability – and at a lower cost.

The Q46 measures Total Ammonia and Monochloramine concentrations; the Free Ammonia concentration is derived from these values. The simple chemical system uses inexpensive reagents and has a fast response time to 90% in 3 minutes. Quality Monitoring ‒ Waste Water

There have been numerous applications of ATI monitors in waste water application in Southern Africa since 1997, many with ATI’s auto-cleaning option.

Dissolved Oxygen – Auto-clean Option

ATI’s patented AutoClean Air Wash system is very effective in wastewater and effluent where rapid sensor fouling is a major problem. This system blasts the surface of the sensing membrane clean, giving many months of maintenance-free operation. Calibration is quick and accurate using ambient air and barometric pressure as references.

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