Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow meters

Non-contact, Non-invasive Flow Measurement

Ultrasonic flow meters do not come into contact with the fluid at all. They are easy to install, commission and maintain. No plant downtime will be required during installation.

Ideal for both portable and fixed applications. Line size has little influence on price. The cost of ownership is extremely low with no obstruction to flow, no pressure drop and no maintenance.

Portable flow meters are widely used for spot measurements, checking the accuracy of existing flow meters.

Fixed units are easy to install as they as they do not require any plant downtime or changes to existing piping.

Clamp-on Flow Meters for Clear Liquids

Fuji is a pioneer in portable ultrasonic flow metering. Their many years of experience give you a meter which works well in extreme applications. The built in verification function, which Fuji pioneered, gives you full confidence in your measurement accuracy. Normal operating accuracies are between ±0.5% to ±1% of readings. If dimensions and sound of the pipe is precisely known accuracies of up to ±0.23% can be achieved. The meter is suitable for pipes from 13 to 6,000mm. Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters Fuji

Fuji Time of Flight flow meters

Ultrasonic pulses are propagated between sensors mounted on the outside of the pipe. The ‘time of flight’ of these pulses is used to calculate liquid flow rate

Flow meter

Portaflow – Hand-Held Flow Meter

The Portaflow meter has a large, clear LCD display for flow rate, totalized flow in both in directions, site details and diagnostics. Flow data can also be downloaded onto a PC to produce reports. There are hundreds of Fuji Portaflows operating in South Africa.

Calibrated at Eskom’s SANAS-approved laboratory to an accuracy of +0.32% RMS (Certificate UO8UC9040-1)

Fuji’s fixed Ultrasonic Flow meter

Cost effective permanent installations.

Flow data, system parameters and diagnostics are shown on the 16 letter, 2 line LCD display, flow is transmitted by a 4-20mA output and flow volume by pulses; the RS-232C interface gives efficient connection to PC’s, networks, telemetry, etc.

Calibrated at Eskom’s SANAS-approved laboratory to an accuracy of +0.30% RMS (certificate UO8UC9065-1)

Flow meter

Verification of Fuji Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

It is well known that the performance of ultrasonic flow meters is highly dependent on the installation, for example the mounting and alignment of the sensor; flow conditions, etc. The Fuji Ultrasonic Flowmeter Verification is a tool for you to ensure that the installation and application are sound. The initial Verification Report provides a benchmark for subsequent verifications. The Verification Report records the quantitative measurement of key application parameters and the Received Wave form suitable for QA purposes.

Virtually any ultrasonic flow meter will work well in near-ideal flow rig conditions. However real-life applications are much more challenging and only sophisticated ultrasonic meters with powerful algorithms give reliable results in these circumstances. So it is very important that the installation is benchmarked and subsequently verified. There are many hundreds of Fuji Ultrasonic Flow Meters operating in South Africa for over 20 years in many different industries. These Fuji meters have on-board verification functions.

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