Automatic Meter Reading

Flow rate and flow totals are saved in the flow meter’s on-board data logger. The on-board modem sends the information directly to the WaMSS Scada, which compiles reports and automatically emails them to your pc, tablet or cell.

Optimize revenues, maintenance and service delivery through automatic remote monitoring of battery powered mag flow meters, reservoir levels and water quality.

AMR System Outputs

The following will be derived from the system:

  • Daily update of flow trends and flow totals;

  • Information from flow trend assist with water loss and burst pipe management;

  • Flow trends as well as pressure trends to assist with Water Demand Management;

  • Close monitoring of water usage by all consumers;

  • Reservoir level trends;

  • Enhanced monitoring accuracy and reliability for leak detection, leak management, water conservation and demand management.

  • Accuracy ± 0.4%

  • Battery Life: typically 3 to 6 years

  • Seamlessly integrate into the WaMSS Water Management Scada

  • Certified to ISO9001, ISO EN17025, OIMLR49 and MID1001

You always have reliable flow, billing and maintenance information at your fingertips

WaMSS has been developed over a number of years to the specification of water metering professionals. It takes the flow data from flow meters and converts it into information that is easy to interpret and use. It has been designed for the Isoil battery powered magnetic flow meter. However virtually any other type of flow meter can be seamlessly integrated into the Scada system when the Isoil ML155 is connected to that meter. The pressure sensor can be used for line pressure or reservoir level.

WaMSS is ideal for monitoring flow trends, flow totals, line pressure, reservoir level, water balance and alarms and can share all this data with other application through the SQL database.

The server component of the Scada resides on a secure server. On a regular basis it interrogates e-mail boxes and loads all new data into the SQL database. It also carries out all the data processing required by the user.

The user installs a small application on his computer which must have access to the Internet. The user can produce a number of pre-formatted reports and queries on his screen and also set up reports to run automatically and be e-mailed to designated people.