About Us

N&Z Instrumentation & Control

is a supplier of measurement instruments and systems to all industrial sectors in Southern Africa. N&Z Instrumentation & Control started out life in 1950 in South Africa under the name Negretti & Zambra. Its roots went back to England and Italy where they crafted magnificent brass temperature, humidity and navigational instruments. Today N&Z is a leading supplier of reliable industrial measurement systems. These are either imported from high quality, experienced global manufacturers or locally manufactured. We provide extensive added value through our IP and service support.

N&Z specializes in flow, pressure, level, analytical, data loggers, remote monitoring, flow surveys and water management.


We provide the full spectrum of activities our customers require including engineering, specification, supply, installation, commissioning, servicing and repairs.

N&Z services all industries and utilities including water, mining, power, food, agricultural, pulp & paper, petrochem, manufacturing, environmental, construction, mineral & metal refining & processing and building management.

Due to the water crises N&Z is participating strongly in extending and renewing the country’s water infrastructure. Focusing on flow meters, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) water quality monitoring and water management.

AMR gives water authorities close control over their water metering (their “cash register”). Other benefits include timeous information on water loss and leaks, and for water balances and reporting. It automatically delivers daily, up-to-date and accurate information to your pc or Management System.

The AMR system also tracks the level of water in reservoirs and dams so managers can ensure water delivery without interruption.

Water quality is vital and we supply on-line measurements of pH, conductivity, turbidity, chlorine and ammonia etc., sent directly to your pc.
In today’s world the level of technology tends to be ahead of the users’ experience – even our cell phones can do so much more than we ask of them! So support is absolutely vital. We recognize this and are with our customers for the long-haul!

N&Z Instrumentation & Control as a supplier of measurement instruments and systems have offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Eastern Cape and Cape Town and a network of distributors throughout the country.

Thanks to our almost 65+ years’ of service to South African industry we have a very wide network. However we are always keen to meet with new potential customers, distributors and suppliers – please contact us on 011 435 1080 or