Disposable USB Temperature Logger

Disposable logger

Let your data come looking for you!

One of the biggest challenges in temperature logging on the move is getting the logged data back to the right person. The PicoLite has a nifty solution - when you configure the logger on your pc you simply enter your e-mail address. Once the logger has been retrieved at the end of the journey and plugged into a pc, the logged data is automatically e-mailed to you as a pdf temperature graph and report!

PicoLite is low cost so you can afford to dispose of it but it still has excellent specifications. It measures temperature from -40°C to 40°C accurate to 0.5°C. The PicoLite logs 16,000 time stamped temperature measurements and you can set the sampling rate. The battery life is sample rate dependent - you can expect 6 months operation at once per minute sampling. The PicoLite is water and dust resistant to IP68 and you can use the powerful free software for data analysis, display and alarm notification.

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Electronic Thermo-Hydrograph - Temperature, Humidity, etc.

The MicroLog measures and logs temperature and humidity with its internal sensors. It also accepts an external sensor to record a third parameter. These logged values are displayed and logged for downloading to a PC. Self-powered, the microlog has a memory capacity of 16,000 samples with a user-dened sample interval of 10 seconds to 2 hours. The Microlog is bundled with intuitive software for displaying the data and exporting it in spreadsheet format

Data Analysis


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Instrumentation North West is a long-standing supplier of water monitoring equipment. Their AquiStar PT2X is a submersible pressure sensor with on-board logger. Different models measure water heads from 1m full scale with a typical accuracy of ±0.06% of full scale. This excellent accuracy makes the logger suitable for monitoring groundwater, wells, tidal levels, pump testing and flow.

The AquiStar is internally powered with two AA batteries. These field changeable batteries will power the logger for at least a year at a 15-minute sample interval.

The easy-to-use Aqua4Plus software sets the logger up and monitors readings in real time. Other functions include data downloading and display, field calibration of sensors, delayed start, etc. The Aqua4Plus software can communicate remotely with the AquiStar over the cellphone network, radio or landline. And the Aqua4Push gives unattended data reception from multiple sensors directly into your PC.

The AquiStar is available in gauge and absolute versions, and can operate with real-time comms, or without a cable where the stored data is downloaded later. INW also supplies loggers for temperature, conductivity, bromide, chloride, pH and ORP. N&Z Automation & Control is now authorised to supply and fit cables locally and to carry our repairs and reconfigurations. This has major advantages in terms of cost and turn-around time.


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