Ultrasonic Flow Meters - non-contact, non-invasive

Fuji’s Time of Flight technology - Precise and ideal for clear liquids

Ultrasonic Flow Meters - non-contact, non-invasive

Ultrasonic flow meters do not come into contact with the fluid at all. They are easy to install, commission and maintain. Installation requires no plant downtime. Ideal for both portable and fixed applications, line size has little influence on price.

With no obstruction to flow, no pressure drop and no maintenance, the life-cycle cost of ownership is extremely low.

Fuji is a pioneer in portable liquid flow measurement with an installed base of 360 000 units. The Time of Flight principle is ideal for clear liquids. Fuji’s anti-bubble measurement algorithm enables measurement even with entrained gas bubbles of up to 12% by volume. Normal accuracies are ±0.5% to 1% of reading on pipelines of 13mm to 6 000mm in diameter. However, accuracies of up to ±0.23% can be achieved where the pipe is sound and dimensions are accurately known.

  • Portable flow meters are widely used for spot measurements or for checking the accuracy of existing flow meters.
  • Fixed meters are easy to install as they do not require any plant downtime or changes to existing piping.

Portaflow- Fuji’s Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter for clear liquids

Portaflow- Fuji’s Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter for clear liquids.

Clamp-on - Time of Flight - Portable

The Portaflow has a large, clear LCD display for flow rate, totalised flow in both directions, site details and diagnostics. Flow data can be logged and displayed or downloaded onto a PC using Fuji’s user-friendly software. The analog outputs give real-time flow readings for recorders or control systems. There are hundreds of Fuji Portaflows operating in South Africa.

Calibrated at Eskom’s SANAS-approved laboratory to an accuracy of +0.32% RMS (certificate UO8UC9065-1)

Clamp-on - Time of Flight - Fixed

Clamp-on - Time of Flight - Fixed

Fuji’s fixed ultrasonic flow meter is built to the same basic specification as the portable unit above, but with the following differences: The electronics are wall mounted in an aluminium alloy IP67 housing; sensors are available in submersible, high-temperature or explosion-proof options; flow data, system parameters and diagnostics are shown on the 16-letter, two-line LCD display; flow rate is transmitted by a 4-20mA output and flow volume by pulse output; and the RS232C interface gives efficient connection to PCs, networks, telemetry systems, etc.

Calibrated at Eskom’s SANAS-approved laboratory to an accuracy of +0.30% RMS (certificate UO8UC9040-1)

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